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Sexual Exploitation (CSE)


Get help if you or someone you know is being exploited

If you or someone you know is being exploited, there are services in Rotherham to confidentially help you and make you feel safe

If you are ever at risk of immediate harm you should always dial 999 for police assistance.

A single point of contact has now been setup for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation in Rotherham. The free confidential helpline and email address, provided by the NSPCC, are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation affects thousands of children and young people across the UK every year.It can happen to you, no matter whether you are a boy or a girl, and no matter what age, background or community you are from.

If you're a young person it can be difficult to spot the warning signs as you believe you're in a positive relationship with someone.

Think about all your different relationships

The relationship could be with close friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend - and maybe groups of friends from school or the area you live in. It could be a person or a new group of people you've only just got to know. It could be someone you've talked to online.

These "friends" are nice to you - they show you a lot of interest and affection in the beginning - they make you feel special. Sometimes they ask groups of young people to come back to their house with older people.

As we grow up, we develop relationships with lots of different people. We all have to learn to enjoy healthy relationships, and that's a great skill to have.

But things can go wrong along the way, and people might try to take advantage of you, forcing you into dangerous situations. That's why it's important to be aware of the warning signs that someone might want to exploit you and be careful who you trust.

Warning Signs

They offer you drugs and alcohol - a place to chill out or involve you in activities that seem exciting or fun. They may even buy you presents like clothes, a mobile phone, or give you money to buy things. When they have gained your trust and affection they may change how they act around you.

Their aim is to draw young people like you into swapping or selling sex. They are not really your friends.

That person might start to find ways of controlling you, such as making promises they can't keep, threatening you, or threatening to tell your family or becoming violent if you don't do want they want.

They might also try and separate you from your friends, family, and other people who care for you. When that happens, it's easier for an abuser to put you in dangerous situations or force you to do things you don't want to do with them or other people they know.

That's not doing you a favour - that's exploitation

They will ask for sexual favours for themselves and/or other people, in return for alcohol, drugs, presents, money; all the things they gave you for free before.

Sometimes young people who have fewer people looking out for them are even more vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Get Help Locally

  • Eric Manns Hub - 01709 255266for counselling and support for those up to up to 25 yrs 
  • Rotherham Rise - 0844 225 4411 - We offer support for people affected by Child Sexual Exploitation, a dedicated Young Peoples Domestic Abuse Outreach Service, Counselling Service and work with male victims of Domestic and CSE abuse.
  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre - 01709 427327 - A one stop service for males and females who have experienced any kind of sexual violence aged 13 or older. Offering support for people who wish to report to the police but also those that don’t wish to. SARC’s fully trained nurses and crisis workers will work with people in the first instance to ensure their health and wellbeing needs are met and will refer on to appropriate other organisations across the South Yorkshire area.

  • Rotherham Women’s Counselling Service (and Pitstop for men) - 01709 835482 - For men and women who have experienced rape, sexual abuse or domestic abuse.

  • Swinton Lock - 01709 578778 - Helps people access services including 1:1 intensive support to victims and survivors, support to family members; art therapy sessions.

  • GROW - 01709 511171 - Emotional wellbeing and practical services and support to individuals up to 25 years old, plus support for the survivor’s family in their recovery to help their child/young person.

Other sources of help and support

  • Rape Crisis: 0808 802 99 99
  • Childline: 0800 11 11
  • Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation: 0113 240 5226
  • Muslim Women’s Network UK: 0121 236 9000 / 07415 206936