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Staying Safe


Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

Summer brings barbecues and picnics, fun trips and get-togethers with friends. If your plans include alcohol, you should consider the safety risks of mixing summer fun with too much drink. Such risks include drinking for longer, exposure to the sun and an increased risk of dehydration. Here are some tips on how to keep safe while enjoying the sun:

Drink less Alcoholic Drinks. Pace yourself by drinking a soft drink between alcoholic drinks. As well as cutting back on the amount of alcohol you drink this will also help to keep you hydrated. Check the strength of the alcohol you drink and opt for lower strength or alcohol-free alternatives. Another way to cut down the alcohol you consume is to order a smaller glass.

Be Aware: Protect your skin from the sun and never fall asleep outside.

Take care when cooking food on the BBQ and always make sure meat is cooked properly.

Remember: Slip, Slap, Slop, Sip - Slip on your shirt, Slop on your sun cream, Slap on your hat, Sip your water

Its important you look after yourself when you are out and about with your friends. Have a look at the points below and make sure you stay safe

  • Tell someone where you are going, arrange to text when you get there
  • Be aware of your surroundings, avoid unlit and isolated areas where possible.
  • Don’t show off valuable items
  • If you think somewhere looks unsafe don’t go there
  • Always make sure your phone is charged and you have enough credit to cover emergencies
  • Don't accept a lift from someone you have only just met

The Water Safety Code

Spot the dangers!

Water may look safe, but it can be dangerous. Learn to spot and keep away from dangers. You may swim well in a warm indoor pool, but that does not mean that you will be able to swim in cold water.

The dangers of water include:

  • it is very cold
  • there may be hidden currents
  • it can be difficult to get out (steep slimy banks)
  • it can be deep
  • there may be hidden rubbish, e.g. shopping trolleys, broken glass
  • there are no lifeguards
  • it is difficult to estimate depth
  • it may be polluted and may make you ill

Remember not to swim or take part in water sports if you have been drinking, as alcohol affects our ability to judge distances and distorts our perception of risk. Remember, alcohol makes us feel warmer than we are which can be a risk when swimming in cold water.

Want to know more?

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