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Replying to Job Adverts

Replying to Job Adverts

Phone Calls

  • Go somewhere quiet and private before you phone.
  • Try to use a house phone so you aren't eating into your mobile credit. You could be a while!
  • Make sure you have a pen and paper so you can make any notes while you talk.
  • Have you CV close by, some employers might turn the phone call into a mini interview
  • Before you hang up, do you know what will happen next? Do you need to wait for an application form? Do you need to send your CV? Remember to ask if you aren't sure!
  • Always thank the person you have spoken to.
  • If you reach an answer machine, make sure you clearly leave your name, contact details, and what job you are enquiring about

Letters & Emails

  • If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, start the letter with 'Dear Sir/Madam' and end with 'Yours faithfully'
  • Don't use text speak, all capitals or abbreviations
  • Make sure you spell check your letter or email before you print/send
  • Remember to say which job you are enquiring about, and give the reference number if you have one.
  • If you are going to attach your CV to the email, make sure that you save it in a format all computers can open, such as Microsoft Word

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